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Since the founding of AEL in 1981 the company has rapidly grown to become one of the leading

suppliers of electrical equipment



and spares to the industry both onshore and offshore. The three key factors in the company’s rapid growth and success have been service, quality and reliability, factors that we are committed to maintaining.

Quality of product and service is of prime importance to the continuing expansion of


. A Quality System which fully addresses the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 has been implemented and registered with the NQA since August 1992. We are also part of the FPAL (First Point Assessment) Verify Scheme for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety. Please see Downloads tab for Certificates

At any one time


has a large comprehensive range of widely known products, ranging from essential components through to highly sophisticated and complex devices.

The range includes

cable and accessories, electroheat technology, lamps and lighting, motor control and distribution products

all suitable for both

industrial and hazardous

area markets.


source products from key manufacturers throughout the world, all of which supply high quality products and who invest in ongoing research and development. Operating in an area where technology moves rapidly, we continually update the product portfolio to ensure we meet the demands of an ever changing market place

The staff of


are all highly experienced in the field of

electrical equipment and components

and continuous training assures that we keep ahead of new developments and techniques. We are therefore able to provide quality advice to problem solving. The expertise of is also available

24 hours per day, 365 days a year



is more than just an

Electrical Distributor

. We can provide the expertise, advice and support to meet the demands of industry and work as a partner to provide the right solution -

on time, every time


are distributors for the following Manufacturers:

3M insulating tapes, resin, cable markers;

ABB modular switchgear, power circuit breakers, enclosures, control units, switch-disconnectors, switches, fuses, relays, termiinals;

ABTECH hazardous area enclosures, industrial enclosures, glands and adaptors, ablux lighting products;

AMBERSIL adhesives, anti-corrosion products, cleaners - heavy duty, cleaners - precision, foodgrade, lubricants, paints, release agents, welding products;

AQUA SIGNAL navigation lights, floodlights, interior lights, sound signals;

ATX hazardous lighting, plugs, sockets, junction boxes;

BARTEC Ex switchgear and controlgear, control and indicating systems, local control stations, control units, lamps, flashing lamps, Flameproof control stations;

BEKA looped power indicators, fieldbus indicators, batch controllers, externally poweredrate totalisers, counter, tacho, timer, clock, temperature transmitters, digital panel meters, fieldbus displays, loop powered rate totalisers;

BN THERMIC fan assisted heaters, natural convection heaters, radiant heaters, underfloor heating, controls;

BROYCE earth leakage relays, time delay relays, control relays, three phase relays, level control relays, relays;

COOPER BUSSMANN high speed fuses, low voltage fuses, holders, bases, IEC fuses, industrial US fuses, Industrial BS88 fuses, high speed european fuses, high speed BS88 fuses, High speed US fuses, medium voltage fuses;

CABLOFIL cable trays, basket trays, underfloor supports, beam clamps, cabling accessories;

CARLO GAVAZZI capacitive sensors, contactors & overloads, counters, current/voltage/phase monitors, current transformers, digital panel meters, energy meters, inductive sensors, limit and safety switches;

CEAG portable EX-lamps, EX signal and escape sign luminaires, EX pendant light fittings, EX junction boxes, EX control stations, EX fluorescent lighting, Ex audio/visual signalling, safety and main current switches;

CEENORM quick connect, plugs, connectors, panel mounted outlets, surface mounted outlets, inlets, switched interlocked sockets, combination units, schuko plugs and sockets;

CHALMIT fluorescent, floodlight, escape route, bulkhead, wellglass, low bay, street lighting;

CHROMALOX component heaters, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, process & packages systems, process and air radiant heaters, comfort air and radiant heaters;

CLIFFORD & SNELL sounders, strobes, combination units, beacons;

CMP hazardous and industrial cable glands;

CRAIG & DERRICOTT isolation equipment, push buttons, rotary switches, grabwire switches, press switches;

DANFOSS frequency converters, decentral products, soft starters, solar inverters, pressure controls, solenoid valves and coils, safety valves, electronic controls, pressure and temperature controls;

DEIF analogue instruments, transducers, synchroscopes, insulation monitoring, battery chargers, mulit-instruments, shunts, transformers, phase sequence, alarm monitoring, electronic potentiometer, acoustic/beacon, counters;

DNH horn loudspeakers, EX loudspeakers, projector loudspeakers, cabinet loudspeakers, ceiling loudspeakers, clean room loudspeakers, column loudspeakers, voice alarm loudspeakers;

DWYER pressure, air velocity, flow, level, temperature, process control, humidity switches, gauges, monitors, transmitters;

ELDON enclosures wall mount, floor standing, console, terminal boxes, wall racks, floor racks, thermal management;

ENTRELEC terminals feed-through, double deck, ground, disconnect, fuse, end stops, jumper bars, end sections, marker cards, marking systems;

ETE single phase, three phase, toroidal, PCB, portable and auto transformers;

FEDERAL SIGNAL area lighting systems, hazardous area lighting systems, water/waste water monitoring systems;

FERRAZ american power fuses, midget fuses, ferrule fuses, Nh fuses, master fuse, din fuse, BS88 fuses, IEC fuses, UL fuses;

FULLEON fire products, security products, industrial products, hazardous area products, loudspeakers;

GEC american power fuses, midget fuses, ferrule fuses, Nh fuses, master fuse, din fuse, BS88 fuses, IEC fuses, UL fuses, fuseholders;

GLAMOX downlight, downlight halogen, spotlight, commercial, industrial, outdoor lighting;

HAGER consumer units, commercial distribution, protection devices, modular devices;

HAWKE cable glands, EX connectors, enclosures, transformer breathers;

HELLERMAN TYTON cable ties, fixings, insulation products, cable protection systems, wire connectors, identification systems;

HUBBELL electrical switchgear, controlgear, wiring devices, cable management, harsh and hazardous area products, ;

KLAXON EX sounders, sirens, motor driven sirens, nexus sounders, flashguard beacons, sonos sounders, sonos sounder/beacons;

KLOCKNER MOELLER control and indication, switching and control, transformers, automation and touch screen;

KOMPRESS insulated, copper, bootlace terminals crimps;

KOPEX flexible conduit, thread converters, stopping plugs, cable glands, locknuts, adaptors, reducers;

KRAUS NAIMER main switches, enclosed switches, maintenance switches, switch disconnectors;

KYOCERA LCDs and glass touch solar panels, automotive components, solar electric systems;

LAWSON low voltage fuses, semiconductor protection fuses, fuseholders;

LEGRAND home circuit protection, wiring accessories, cable management, power distribution, isolation, protection, controlling, signalling, enclosures, industrial plugs, industrial sockets, combination units;

LEWDEN site electrics, industrial plugs & sockets, watertight plugs & sockets, RCD units, north american plugs & sockets, hook-up units, enclosures, conduit range;

LOVATO contactors, control & signalling units, current monitoring relays, earth leakage relays, isolator switches, time relays, power supplies, selector switches;

MARECHAL industrial power supply and motor connection, signal and control, high current, high temperature, self-ejecting systems, atex approved products plugs and sockets;

MCT transit frames, insert blocks, SR cable & pipe seals, EMC protection, high pressure sealing, collar system;

MEANWELL enclosed, din rail, modular, open frame power supplies;

MEDC Manual alarm call points, status lamps, beacons, sounders, junction boxes, motor starters;

MENNEKES receptacles, plugs, connectors, phase inverters, receptacle combinations, schuko, cable connection boxes, ;

MERLIN GERIN installation accessories, LV circuit tbreakers, LV equipment, LV switchboards, LV switchgear & feeder pillars, metering & monitoring, medium voltage equipment;

METSEC cable ladder systems, cable tray systems, metal framing systems;

MITSUBISHI micro controllers, compact plc, process control, industrial modems, networks, software, inverters, switchgear;

MK perimeter & distribution trunking, conduit & mini trunking, alarm & communication trunking, consumer units, wiring devices;

MTL intrinsic safety & process I/O, HART interfacing, process alarm equipment, industrial security, surge protection, HMI & visualisation, industrial wireless, fieldbus, industrial ethernet;

OMRON relays, switches, connectors, sensors, PLCs, inverters, temperature controllers, timers, counters;

PARTEX cable markers, cable ties, pre-insulated terminals, copper tube terminals, cord end ferrules, heat shrink tube, insulation tape, terminal blocks, crimp tools ;

PEPPERL & FUCHS proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, industrial vision, ultrasonic sensors, rotary encoders, positioning systems, logic control units, isolated barriers, zener barriers, signal conditioners;

PEPPERS exd/exe cable glands, barrier & UL cable glands, Industrial glands & accessories;

PETREL ex lighting, ex controlgear, DXN series plugs & sockets;

PHOENIX CONTACT industrial connectors, power & signal quality, signal converters;

PILZ safety switches, electronic monitoring relays, safety relays, control/signal devices, operator terminals;

RITTAL enclosure systems, electronic packaging, system climate control, power distribution, IT solutions, communication systems;

ROXTEC modules, regular frames, round frames, seals, compact frames, kit solutions, emc solutions;

RUFFNECK convection heaters, duct heaters, heat exchangers, electric air unit heater, frost resistant heat exchanger;

SALZER disconnect switches, rotary cam switches;

SEACON 55 Series, All Wet, Hummer, Micro Wet-Con, Rubber Moulded, Wet-Con, Globe-Con, GRE, Mini-Con, Sea-Mate

SIEMENS LV control & distribution, motion control, power supplies, process analytics, process control, process instruments, safety systems;

SOCOMEC ammeters, changeover switches, current transformers;

STAHL safety barriers, isolators, fieldbus ISbus, operatinng and monitoring systems, lighting technology, installation equipment, control equipment, load and motor switchgear, control panels, distribution panels, components;

SWIFTS cable ladder systems, cable tray systems, channel supports, distribution trunking, perimeter trunking;

TE screw clamp, push-in, pluggable, power distribution, test blocks, stud blocks, markers

TECHNOR terminal boxes, components, control stations, switches, flameproof enclosures, pressurised systems, audible & visual systems, lighting, cable glands, plugs & sockets, gas detection;

TEHALIT perimeter trunking;

TELCO skirting heater, universal heater, bench heater, trench heater, marine heater;

TELEMECANIQUE automation controllers, control & signalling, detection equipment, drives & softstarts, human machine interface, interface & I/O, machine safety, power supplies;

TERASAKI air circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers, DIN modular protection, multimeters, energy analysers, power factor correction, eath leakage relays;

TRANBERG marine lighting, foghorns for ships, heating, lighting, enclosure systems, cable glands;

TURCK BANNER sensors, interfaces, fieldbuses, safety, vision;

UNISTRUT support systems, lighting supports, fixings, cable tray, basket tray, cable ladder, pipe clips;

UNITRUNK trunking, cable tray, cable ladder, wire baskets, channel, floor boxes, perimeter trunking;

VICTOR fluorescent, floodlight, wellglass, pendant, helideck, bulkhead;

WIELAND DIN rail terminal blocks, safety technology, electronics, power bus system, pluggable connectors, PCB terminals & connectors, circular connectors, power supplies;

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